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collaborative innovation


greatness stems from altruism. poten enviro advocates the co-existing development. by virtue of comprehensive strength that covers the entire industry chain, the group can pool technology-intensive companies together and join hands with top-notch scientists and efficient forces. thanks to the coordinated, innovative efforts, it will bring together superior resources of the environmental protection industry for optimized allocation along the industry chain and propel the sector towards innovative upgrade and positive cycle.

the group has established the technical and innovative committee to promote the group-wide technical advance and innovation in mode. from different perspectives of management, modes, technology, product, supply chain, etc., the committee devises the clearly-cut paths and plans to realize innovation, puts in place innovative management policies and supportive systems, and yields more economic benefits from innovative achievements.

following the coordinated, innovative project implementing mechanism which is oriented towards customer demand, the business units take the lead in coordinating r&d, production, marketing, procurement and other functions in a bid to break organizational boundaries, make innovation more efficiently, and generate more desired results. 

by upholding the principle of “independent r&d and wide cooperation”, poten enviro has established a group-wide r&d center, set up departments for r&d and innovation on seven business platforms, entered long-term strategic partnerships with institutions and companies in denmark, singapore, the u.s., germany, israel and other countries, worked closely to carry out projects with many chinese scientific research institutes like tsinghua university, zhejiang university, nankai university, tianjin university and beijing normal university, and given a wide range of technical cooperation with the technical department of many major customers like shenhua group, china national offshore oil corporation (cnooc) and yankuang group. 

by carrying out the coordinated, innovative strategy, poten enviro has paid equal attention to technological reserve and achievement transformation and made strides in both technical advance and service upgrade, thus propelling processes towards optimization and improvement. with respect to market, the strategy may balance the marketing mode and resource allocation. in light of products, it can match technical assurance with operational enhancement. as for capital, it can boost the introduction of advanced technologies and the capacity building drive. 

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