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innovative highlights


i. r&d team

now poten enviro employs over 400 r&d technicians, among which 136 own the master’s degree or above and more than 80 are technical engineers. in addition, many of them are registered environment engineers, registered equipment engineers, registered consulting engineers, class 1 registered structural engineers, or class 1 registered constructors.

besides, the group has also established the technical and innovative committee. made up of more than ten experts from relevant fields, the committee is responsible for crafting the innovation-driven growth strategies and promoting the development and application of core technologies.

by teaming up with a host of universities and scientific research institutions including tsinghua university, zhejiang university, nankai university, tianjin university, beijing normal university, the group’s technical teams have taken an active part in the specialized research, application and promotion projects carried out by the ministry of environmental protection, the ministry of science and technology, provinces and municipalities. at the same time, they have also collaborated with many international institutions in the u.s., germany, denmark, singapore and other countries. 

ii. technical platforms

poten enviro has set up many corporate r&d and technical platforms which include the beijing municipal scientific research and development institution authorized by beijing government, the beijing municipal corporate technical center and the work station of academicians and experts. 

by relying on major projects, the group has founded the medium-scaled pilot experiment bases in beijing, yulin of shaanxi, datong of shanxi, haikou of hainan and other places, in an effort to put technical achievements into application at a quickened pace. 

poway technology, a subsidiary of poten enviro, has set up environmental testing and experiment centers in beijing, shanghai, xiamen and other places. so far, the centers can conduct 137 tests for industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, integrated wastewater, and surface water, 211 tests for domestic drinking water, 161 tests for occupational disease-related hazards and 207 tests for soil and solid wastes. its 1,000-plus tests for environmental air, civilian construction, public places and noise have passed the certification of cma and cnas.

iii. scientific research findings

as of december 2016, poten enviro has had nearly 120 authorized patents which cover a wide range of fields like industrial water treatment, soil and groundwater restoration, foul water and ecological governance, membrane products and processes, and household water purification. 

by virtue of more than 20 years’ engineering experience and industry expertise, the group has developed the “10, 100, 1000 plan” which consists of 10 processes and technologies, 100 enterprise standards and norms, and 1,000 challenges summarized from the existing projects. the plan is intended to provide useful reference and guidance for the enhancement of internal technical strength and the overall sector-wide growth. 

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