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about poten enviro

poten environment group has entered chinese market early, since its establishment in 1995, poten enviro has been providing quality environmental services based on its “serving customers’ needs, putting talents first, becoming excellent, keeping innovative, being upright” business philosophy. poten enviro is devoted to build a better environment for oneness of heaven and humanity, becoming an excellent integrated eco-environmental service provider.

lijun zhao, chairman of poten has become the president of cecc (china environment chamber of commerce) a national chamber of commerce in 2015. feb 17th 2017, poten enviro has been listed on shanghai stock market. until 2017, poten enviro’s total asset is 8.6 billion rmb with 50.14% growth compared to 2016. poten has 90 more sub/child-companies, 5 regional centers, 2400 more employees, business covering china and abroad.

with completed water-related environmental business and ecological healthy lifestyle business as strategic target, poten enviro closely follow the need of time, guarding the true nature of environmental protection industries. providing better solution in the field of industrial water system, municipal water system, ecological protection business with craftsmanship and innovation. creating new value for beautiful environment and better life.

our culture

with the company philosophy of “forging ahead with great virtue and strong will” and unremitting pursuit of quality, poten enviro has been trusted by clients, partners and industry peers for beingfocused, excellent and sustainable. 

the shared values of “diligence, innovation, inclusion and gratitude” reflect poten enviro’s commitment to building a more sustainable environmental industry, creating more opportunities with self-development, realizing the resource integration and optimal configuration of industrial chain, and promoting the virtuous cycle of industrial growth.

social responsibility

poten enviro actively contributes to social development and public welfare. in 2015, a special fund of 10 million rmb was established by poten enviro and china environmental protection foundation (cepf), to support environmental education, safe drinking water supply for primary and secondary school students, and ecological restoration. so far, many charity water stations have been set up in the primary and high schools in ningxia, chengde, and other regions.

the unity of human and nature is the law of universe according to the taoist philosophy. while working on protecting nature, adapting to nature and respecting nature, poten enviro endeavours to find solutions for a better living environment for human beings, it is dedicated to partner with clients and communities that share the same vision, and pursue the dream of creating a better environment.

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