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talent philosophy


poten environment is at the forefront of leading environmental chinese companies expanding globally. thanks to international policies such as one belt one road and an increasing demand for environmental expertise, poten environment is increasingly growing its presence around the world.

to meet our targets, we are looking for outstanding talented individuals to join our team and help create a truly global company.

thanks to our international culture, we have attracted many overseas returnees as well as foreign employees. they bring their expertise in business development, investment and financing, strategy development, engineering, project management, human resources, administration and accounting as well as many other areas.

as a high-tech enterprise in beijing, we are able to apply for foreign expert license for foreign staff and provide hukou access for overseas graduates.

more importantly, we want to help you improve your skills and help you grow within our company

we welcome you to join our team!


if you are interested in career in poten, please feel free to contact us:

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