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message from chairman


greatness stems from altruism

in 1995, poten enviro embarked on the road towards a better environment. back then, environmental protection was still off the beaten track. but it is since then that we have been confident that an undertaking in the interest of the entire mankind is bound to deliver a great future. 

over the past two decades, poten enviro has stayed true to its commitment to providing better solutions for a harmonious environment. during the course for development, we have overcome a host of challenges confronting environmental protection, carried out many projects which all set a good example for others to follow suit, and kept growing together with the industry to which we have been dedicated in the pursuit for better quality.

with the advent of the era of green development, the environmental protection sector finally gets the chance to take off. against such a backdrop, we win a broader space for development and are expected to shoulder more social responsibilities at the same time. people’s stronger environmental awareness and increasingly higher demands for a better environment give us the inexhaustible impetus much needed for our further growth. 

as the environmental treatment efforts go deeper from “visible” pollution to “invisible” pollution, environmental service is shifting its focus from the “brown” pollution treatment to the “green” drive to create a better ecology. the two changes will lead the chinese environmental protection sector onto a brand new journey. standing fast with its eco-friendly ambition, poten enviro hopes to seek for co-existence and joint growth with more peers. to add a green touch to the chinese dream, we will go ahead together into the upcoming era of environmental protection. 

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