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urban water


poten enviro provides both traditional urban water environment solutions like water supply, treatment of domestic sewage and water recycling and emerging urban water environment services represented by the building of sponge cities.

iriver smart water environment management system

the system is built on the internet of things (iot) designed for online monitoring of water quality and hydrological conditions. taking the water quality and hydraulic model and the artificial intelligence analysis model at the core, it is aimed to ensure that the water quality remains continuously stable. by putting in place a water environment monitoring network that covers water quality, hydrological conditions, pipeline network, and pollution source, the system can detect how waters change in a real-time, all-round manner, analyze and forecast how water will change in the future, provide guidance for the optimization of water treatment processes, and offer decision-making support for the operational scheduling of treatment facilities and the emergency management. in one word, with the decision-making process based on adequate information, it will enhance the capabilities in river resource management, water environment assurance, and response to emergencies. 

features and advantages

1) an integrated iot platform for water monitoring makes it possible to control water changes in a real-time manner. 

2) a cloud platform of water data accessible to all projects equally enables the system to make deployment rapidly.

3) the ability to cover the coupling of multiple models including water power, water quality, pipeline network, and rainfall flood, analyze and forecast how waters change, and turn information into useful reference much needed by the decision-making process. 

4) big data mining technologies are used to accumulate an abundance of data, a process which can be felt in a real-time manner, so as to further tap the potential relevance and regularity, and lift the level of water environment management. 

municipal water service

municipal water service refers to the investment in, implementation, operation and management of water service projects that involve water supply, sewage treatment, and reuse of reclaimed water. the introduction of tot, bot, entrusted operation and other modes has expanded the market share of municipal water service, by completing hundreds of municipal water treatment projects with excellent performance and providing many local governments with prominent technical show-hows and solutions. as one of china’s largest municipal reclaimed water projects, the beijing xiaohongmen water recycling plant was contracted and completed by poten engineering under the banner of poten environment group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “poten enviro” or “the group”). at the same time, poten engineering boasts such qualifications as general contractor of grade a for municipal utilities, environmental engineering designer of class a, electromechanical fixture and environmental treatment engineering (specialized, grade i) and operator of class a for environmental pollution treatment facilities, having found its way to the list of the water environmental companies with the most impressive, full-range qualifications.

integrated management of water services

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of poten enviro, posino water features the advantages that cover the entire industry chain in terms of water environment planning, investment and financing, technical development, engineering design, and epc, water service, and provides customers with integrated high-quality solutions to water affairs. by establishing 24 water service project companies in 12 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, it has grown into a quite influential corporation in china’s water service market.

by relying on poten enviro, posino water has applied the internationally advanced water treatment technologies and management concepts, demonstrated the compelling fund strength, powerful capital operation capacity, and abundant specialized experience in water service, and employed many highly competent professionals, thus securing outstanding achievements and fostering great core competitiveness in the water service sector. by the end of 2016, the company’s integrated water service projects operated in such modes as bot, tot, rot and om can treat water at a capacity of 1.1 million m3/d, among which 120,000 tons are water supplied and 1 million tons are sewage water treated. 

smart water city

boyuan ecology, under the banner of poten enviro, conducts a wide range of businesses including regulation of foul rivers, water source protection, building of sponge city, urban river system planning, and water ecological town. by adopting multiple modes, the company has won the bids of many projects—the water quality improvement project for xixiang river, shenzhen; the project for comprehensive water environment improvement in the fuchuang brook and grand drainage ditch, haikou, the project for river regulation under the comprehensive water environment improvement project in the central city of linyi, shandong; the comprehensive treatment project for water quality monitoring sections in rizhao city, shandong; the project for water environment improvement at kuoniu area, tongzhou district, beijing; and the project for comprehensive environment treatment in jiukeng river, zhaoqing city, guangdong.

the basic principle governing river regulation goes as “sewage interception goes first, treatment remains at the core, more sources are introduced for expanding inflow, ecology restores, and treatment efforts are made in a systematic way”. by adopting the problem-oriented approach, such bottleneck problems as direct discharging of sewage will be solved. following another principle of “one specific policy for one river”, targeted measures need to be taken. 

when it comes to the building of sponge cities, a six-word guideline of “penetration, retention, impounding, purification, consumption and discharge” shall be followed. acting on the design concept of “low impact development”, efforts are made to realize the targets of saving water and using it more efficiently, coordinate various technical systems concerning sponge cities, and promote the building of eco-friendly urban areas. 

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