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industry and energy


the industrial and energy water system mainly involves such industrial areas as coal-chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, fine chemical engineering, thermoelectricity, textile and papermaking, food and beverage, bio-pharmaceuticals and electronic mechanics. at the same time, it also covers a host of water processing steps including water supply, water desalting, water recycling, sewage treatment, water reuse and zero discharge. as a leading ecological service provider in china, poten enviro is specializing in treating the high cod, high ammonia treatment, high salinity wastewater discharged by industrial companies. it is able to tackle with the industrial wastewater treatment problems which feature high technical complexity, engineering pricing and operating cost. driven by the mission to offer better water environmental solutions, the group has carried out an array of exemplary projects—the first productive dmto coal-to-olefin sewage treatment project in the world, one of the world’s largest water desalting projects, one of the world’s largest water recycling unit projects, and one of the ultra-large, integrated water environmental solution providers in the chinese petrochemical engineering industry. all of those are feats poten enviro has achieved nationwide and even worldwide. 

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