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ecological&soil restroration


poten enviro is dedicated to creating a high-quality ecology. to this end, it takes an active part in the ecological restoration and soil restoration sector which are exemplified by prevention and control of groundwater pollution, treatment of foul water and river, and restoration of polluted sites. 

boyuan ecology, as a subsidiary of poten enviro, serves as a service platform specializing in water ecological treatment and ecological industry development. closely acting on the state’s green development outlook, the company has engaged in water environmental treatment for over two decades. now it is able to render customers one-stop services that cover planning, design, consultation, production development, construction, investment operation and cooperation among different industries. by adopting multiple modes, the company has won the bids of many projects—the water quality improvement project for xixiang river, shenzhen; the comprehensive water environment improvement in the fuchuang brook and grand drainage ditch, haikou, the project for river regulation under the comprehensive water environment improvement project in the central city of linyi, shandong; the comprehensive treatment project for water quality monitoring sections in rizhao city, shandong; the project for water environment improvement at kuoniu area, tongzhou district, beijing; and the project for comprehensive environment treatment in jiukeng river, zhaoqing city, guangdong. with these projects, it is aimed to build itself into a leading ecological complex in china. 

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