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cities and rivers where we worked for environmental improvement in 2016


in the just-concluded 2016, poten environment group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “poten enviro” or “the group”) managed to maintain its strong momentum for growth. by virtue of forward-looking strategies, cutting-edge technologies, closely integrated resources and well-functioning executive teams, poten enviro continued to address pollution issues and extended its business outreach further. below is a summary of the cities and rivers where the group has worked for environmental improvement in 2016. 

from the top down: the ppp project for water environment improvement at huoniu area, tongzhou district, beijing; the epc project for eutrophication prevention/control and aquatic plant protection in xinghai lake, shizuishan, ningxia; the comprehensive treatment project for water quality monitoring sections in donggang district of rizhao and rizhao economic and technology development zone; the ppp project for river regulation under the comprehensive water environment improvement in the central city of linyi, shandong; the ppp project for comprehensive environment treatment in jiukeng river, zhaoqing; the water quality improvement project for xixiang river, shenzhen; and the ppp project for comprehensive water environment improvement in the grand drainage ditch and fuchuang brook, haikou.

it is stipulated in the “action plan to tackle water pollution” released last year that the amount of foul water in urban built-up areas of each city on or above prefecture level shall be controlled, thus not exceeding 10 percent by 2020. the introduction of the requirement was the prelude to the urban foul water treatment drive. from 2015 to present, many provinces and municipalities have rolled out their respective foul water treatment program. some regions even released the list of waters to be inspected and worked out the detailed schedule. 

poten enviro has taken an active part in the foul water treatment campaign going with the tide of water environmental improvement nationwide, by facilitating the efforts of many regional governments with its impressive technical strength. in this october, the ministry of finance and 19 other ministries and commissions announced the list of national ppp demonstration projects, on which five were from poten enviro. looking back on the whole year of 2016, the group has accomplished peerless exploits in the river improvement field.

poten enviro is dedicated to bringing people a better environment and creating value for the entire society. under the leadership of chairman & ceo zhao lijun, the group upholds great virtue and strong will, stays true to its commitment to environmental protection, and forges ahead by leaps and bounds. “the development of poten enviro is neither a trick about numbers nor a mechanical overlap of multiple progresses. it is the accurate forecast for future market and the persistent pursuit for excellence that turns the impossible into possible”, said mr. zhao.

ambitious planning and forward-looking strategy

poten enviro has made adequate predication and preparation before the advent of a market trend.

“strategically accurate and clearly aware of our position, we will go all out once the target is set. this is our unique style and consistent source of power. the reason behind  our winning of the haikou-based program—china’s first foul water treatment ppp project in a packaged mode, lies in the fact that we have been well poised after two years’ preparations in the city. besides, we take every project seriously. a taskforce of more than 70 persons go to the frontline, demonstrating  enviable strength and advantages”, said assistant vice president zhao fengrui of the group. 

embracing changes is an operational principle poten enviro has long upheld since its foundation. over the past two decades, the group has extended its service reach to an array of fields including slaughter wastewater, beer wastewater, dairy products, coal chemical industry, municipal utility, industrial parks, river regulation and soil restoration and has also made eye-catching strides in these fields at a uniquely fast pace. it always owes its success to the dissatisfaction with what it has gained, the courage to be the first one, and the proactivity for making changes. 

profound technical strength, sound industry chain

the foul water treatment not only needs a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies but also involves many infrastructure fields like municipal utilities, water conservancy, gardens and environmental protection. it is intended to do the engineering work from multiple perspectives including sewage treatment, municipal pipe network, flood control project, water ecological restoration, sponge city, garden landscape, and information monitoring. if it is treated as a regular project, the efforts will be hard to bear fruit. 

take the haikou-based program as an example. it features the highest degree of difficulty for treatment and imposes extremely stringent inspections on the competing companies. once released, the notice of invitation for bids appealed to a total of 53 candidates including large-sized central enterprises and listed companies, making the competition extraordinarily fierce. 

in the end, poten enviro managed to stand out among those strong competitors, which fully attested to the group’s overall capability and technical strength in comprehensive water environment improvement. 

to render high-quality environmental service, poten enviro has always attached great importance to technical innovation and accumulation. 

“after many years’ persistent r&d efforts, poten enviro has grasped a host of core technologies much needed in the foul water treatment like fixed biomass with embedding method, oxygen-permeable biomembrane, water ecosystem construction, ecological restoration with microorganisms, and enhanced ecological wetland. with these technologies, we are able to fulfill the targets of water treatment satisfactorily”, said assistant vice president zhang lunliang of the group. 

the sewage treatment technology with enhanced coupling biomembrane reactor is intended to use the hollow-fibre aerated membrane as the carrier and provide oxygen for biomembrane and water aeration. pollutants, driven by concentration difference and absorbed by microorganisms, will enter into the biomembrane. used by the microorganisms, they will become microbial cells to be fixed on the biomembrane or break into inorganic metabolites, hence realizing the purpose of purifying the polluted water.

to address the technical problems confronting the current environmental protection industry with the most cutting-edge scientific and research outcomes, the group has established a work station of academicians and experts in tianjin in 2016. the station is aimed for promoting the available technologies into wide application by different industries for actual benefits. 

in the meantime, poten enviro extended its reach to many fields and formed a development pattern covering all segments of the entire industry chain like environmental counseling, technological development, equipment manufacturing, water affairs, environmental monitoring, engineering, procurement and construction (epc), comprehensive treatment of regional environment, and development of smart products for home environment improvement. 

strong capability for integrating resources

river regulation projects often carry rich connotation, come in huge size and involve exquisite standards. more importantly, they are rather demanding in terms of technology, design, fund and team collaboration, among other aspects.

you can walk faster by yourself but for farther, you need to walk in company. poten enviro advocates the importance of co-existence and joint growth with others. besides, it has demonstrated great strength in teaming up with other industry giants through a series of programs and formed a new source of power for the environmental protection industry. 

on december 16, 2016, poten enviro inked a strategic cooperation agreement with powerchina roadbridge group co., ltd., a central enterprise that it has worked together for many times, and powerchina group environmental engineering co., ltd. with the agreement, the three sides boasting respective advantages in brand, investment and financing, talent pool, market resources, technology, planning, design, and construction will team up with each other, share what they have gained, and seek for joint growth in such fields as building of sponge cities, water pollution treatment and ecological restoration of lakes, rivers and reservoirs, landscape water system pollution treatment and landscape construction, urban domestic sewage treatment and recycling, and industrial sewage treatment. 

the support and complementary advantage of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other long-term strategic partners with tremendous financial strength assure the smooth progress of the relevant programs, wining poten enviro the high recognition and glowing terms from governments and clients from different regions. 

well-functioning executive teams

as mr. zhao lijun noted, guidelines and strategies help a company to go further while execution and unity enable it to set off and even quicken its pace. 

“teams are very sensitive to market and good at turning ideas into action at poten enviro,” commended a senor executive from a central enterprise that has been one of poten enviro’s partners for a long period of time. 

despite fierce competition, poten enviro has proven with compelling facts that only the companies that fight hard for high quality and great efficiency will finally succeed.  

in 2017, poten enviro will bring in boyuan ecosystem to expand its presence nationwide, specializing in comprehensive river regulation, foul water treatment, building of sponge cities, landscape, farmland, forest and lake environment improvement, and comprehensive development of ecological industry. in the future, the group will continue to explore for new forms and modes in order to render high-quality environmental services. 

an oft-cited poetry line has it that the strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit. as a leading water environmental service provider in china, poten enviro, in the coming year and a long period of time, will stay true to its mission, guard our common homeland with its pursuit for innovative and quality services, and do its bit to create a better ecological environment. 

source: news center of the strategic development department of the group

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